Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The flavors of soybeans and genitals, together at last

So, many months ago I had a suite of doctor visits hoping to find a cure for my headaches. So far I haven't had any luck, and I'm not sure if I've actually improved at all. That said, I've been trying to make a few dietary and lifestyle changes suggested by the nutritionist. One is being better at avoiding things I'm allergic to, like milk products and whey and eggs. Another is eating more protein.

That one surprised me. I love meat. I eat a lot of it. But, apparently, I'm not getting enough protein. So, I've been adding a little chicken breast to things that didn't have meat before, like pastas, and other little things like that. Also, every day as a snack I've been eating these concentrated soy protein bars.

I didn't have many options for meat-free protein supplements since I'm highly allergic to whey, the most common source. The second-most-common is soy, and there are a lot of revolting soybean products that pass off as edible by humans. I've tried various powders and bars, and found a lot of horrid things, but I've also found a couple products that actually taste pretty good. They've got quite a decent amount of protein and other vitamins and minerals in them, and I'd almost eat them even if they weren't healthy. The worthwhile products I've tried have been various flavors of protein bars by GeniSoy. I recommend the fudge flavor and the mint flavor if you ever feel like increasing your protein intake.

GeniSoy just really seems like an unfortunate brand name. I mean, clearly I get the Soy part, but where does Geni come from? The only word that immediately comes to mind is "genitals." (If I think hard and long enough I can come up with "genius" and "genial.")