Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A better me than me

I'm currently (well, not currently; I'm still at work) working on a new design for this blog and my main travisspomer.com site (which is currently a placeholder), and I wanted to include handwritten text in a couple places. After painstakingly writing things out by hand on my tablet, I realized that it didn't look nearly as nice as the placeholder text I was using in the font I created based on my own handwriting style. In effect, I've trained my computer to write more like me than I do.

(Examples: "Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area" in the image currently to the left is handwritten, and "blog.travisspomer.com" is using the font I created. All of the handwritten text on travisspomer.com is currently using the handwriting font.)


Anonymous said...

What kind of changes can we expect?

Travis said...

Well, I think it's safe to say that there will be blue. Lots of blue.

D Wheezy said...

If you want some legit hand written stuff - I'd be happy to help out. I've got a Wacom tablet that I use fairly often these days.

If not - that's cool too. Just thought I'd offer.

Anonymous said...

Blue....Wow, think you can be any more vague?

I've been playing with a program that allows you to make your own fonts. Unfortunately, it crashed my tablet....guess it just doesn't like the way I write.

Travis said...

Yeah, my tablet has a Wacom digitizer. I just remembered that I spent a long time making that font look good, and it would take a similarly long time to get uniquely handwritten text look as nice. I'll start with the font and see if I change my mind later.

I think the tool you're using, Louise, is probably what I used to create "Traviscript."