Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 2007 Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area Music Awards: honorable mention

Finally, the honorable mentions. These are kind of like the Oscars that aren't awarded in the main ceremony, like the Oscar that Microsoft got for the Windows Media video codec. Here we go.

Most ridiculous and pretentious intro track
Basement Jaxx—Intro (Crazy Itch Radio)

Most upsetting stark realization that this album isn't going to be as good as I had hoped
Linkin Park—Given Up (track 2, right after the intro)

Most offensively awful album
Bubba Sparxxx—The Charm

Weirdest video for a weird song
Basement Jaxx—Take Me Back to Your House

And that does it for the 2007 Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area Music Awards. Here's to 2008! I've got a few more interesting-looking CDs coming in the mail, and Black Holes and Revelations by Muse that I've just started to check out. ES Posthumus finally has a new album coming out soon, as well as Hooverphonic, and I can practically guarantee that tracks from both will make the next list.

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