Sunday, September 16, 2007

The 2007 Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area Music Awards: best tracks

And now, the hardest part: picking my 25 favorite songs from the year. I almost copped out and listed my favorite 35 or 40, but I got it down to 25, and I'm happy with what's left. All of these tracks are excellent, and a full-length copy is available for free for all of them, conveniently linked below. I've linked the music videos wherever possible, but all should be on Napster's free service too.

Amon Tobin—Always (top 5)
Amon Tobin—Esther's
Anggun—Cesse la Pluie (top 5)
Anggun—Être une Femme
Basement Jaxx—Hush Boy (top 5)
Basement Jaxx—Take Me Back to Your House
Death Cab for Cutie—Title and Registration
Garbage—Bleed Like Me
Keane—Atlantic (top 5)
Keane—Is It Any Wonder?
KT Tunstall—Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
KT Tunstall—Suddenly I See
Linkin Park—Bleed it Out
Linkin Park—In Pieces
Maroon 5—If I Never See Your Face Again
Maroon 5—Little of Your Time
Métisse—Boom Boom Bâ
Newsboys—Something Beautiful
Newsboys—Wherever We Go
Rihanna—Umbrella (top 5)
Scissor Sisters—I Can't Decide
Scissor Sisters—Intermission
Shea Seger—Last Time
Tom McRae—A Day like Today
Tom McRae—Karaoke Soul

In the end, I think that the best song from 2007 was:

Best song of 2007
Under the Iron Sea

Atlantic certainly helped bring Under the Iron Sea to the coveted Travis Spomer's favorite album of 2007 spot, but the rest of the album would still stand extremely strong without it.

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