Friday, August 31, 2007


I don't always hate meeting new people. In fact, I don't really even mind it. It's just that the situations I associate with meeting new people are social situations in which I don't have the upper hand, when I don't know the majority of the people around me. That's more what I hate than the actual meeting of another human.

If I'm at dinner or a party and I'm primarily with people I know, it's pretty easy for me to meet someone. If the tables are turned, and I'm in a strange place with strange people, it's downright near impossible for me to muster up the strength to talk to new people. There is strength in numbers, my friends.

Even worse than having to meet someone in a strange place, though, is the very idea of being set up with someone. I can hardly imagine anything worse, and I've outright rejected this every time it's been proposed for me. Now you've combined a social situation that even normal people often find awkward with meeting new people in a strange place without anyone I know around me to back me up. Just kill me.

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