Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Electronics and incantations

My microwave can cast a spell called "sensor reheat." I usually forget it's there, because I normally think of microwaves as having number buttons you can push to make things warm, and not things that have additional buttons that cast magical spells. I tried it out again a couple days ago, and just like it always does, it reheated my food to precisely the temperature I wanted. I don't know how it knows these things. You just push "sensor reheat," and then "start." There's no time or temperature setting. It whirs for a while, and then it stops, and then you take out your food and it's the temperature you wanted.

I'd look up how it works in the manual, but it was an open-box and didn't come with a manual. Perhaps a powerful warlock owned it and then returned it, after imbuing it with the souls of the damned in some horrifying unholy ritual. Using that button could have dire consequences of which I am completely unaware. But, until I am assured otherwise, I will continue forgetting to use it, but occasionally remembering, and being pleased with the results.


D Wheezy said...

My microwave also has this feature. However whatever wizard empowered my microwave must have missed a decimal or some other mundane detail - because my food comes out as though heated in the liquid core of the earth.

Maybe he was heating up something other than chicken.

Unknown said...

Yeah, mine comes out like liquid hot magma too. It does something with sensing the moisture in the microwave. Not really sure how that works as different dishes should have different moisture levels.

Unknown said...

From now on, I will refer to all features on all technological products as "spells".