Saturday, August 11, 2007

The cameraman and the seizures

I saw The Bourne Ultimatum tonight. It was decent; nothing spectacular. The action is good, but the story is nearly nonexistent for most of the movie, and when storyline does show up toward the end, it's pretty vague and answers very little. That said, good action and crappy story can still make for an entertaining movie.

The biggest problem with the movie, which anyone who saw it will agree, is that it must have been filmed by a crew of cameramen hired from a hospital seizure ward. There's hardly a scene where the camera isn't jumping around incessantly and distractingly—someone could get seasick from this movie. One of the more absurd parts of the movie involves Jason Bourne looking through a high-magnification monocle into another building. Somehow he is able to keep the monocle perfectly stable, even while the cameramen filming him are wobbling back and forth like bobble-head dolls.

I seem to remember this being a problem with the last Bourne movie too, but I'm not sure. Maybe it was MI:3 or Collateral. They all kind of blend together for me.


Andy Misle said...

Yep, the shaky camera was why Bourne 2 sucked. Myatt Daaamon (Team America reference) was on The Daily Show and said someone commented on a message board, "get these guys a steadicam." I couldn't agree more. He said it added to the edginess of the movie... which is why he's a tool.

Travis said...

Yeah, I thought of Myatt Daaamon half a dozen times watching that movie. Or, at least attempting to watch it, despite the best efforts of the camera operators.

Derrick Stolee said...

The part of the movie that ruined it for me was when Bourne left a guy bleeding, and the guy shows up later without any marks whatsoever that he had previously on his face.