Thursday, July 5, 2007

To know me you must walk 1.5 miles in my shoes

Well, last weekend I sadly cracked my Segway's handlebars. I got a little close to some tangly ivy and a wall, and was paying more attention to the trash can that someone had placed to entirely block the sidewalk than the deathplants to my right. I wasn't injured; thanks for asking. I always wondered how well the Segway protects the rider from injury when it hits something; it turns out very well.

It still ran just fine on the way home, holding the handlebar in place, but after I fixed it with the magic of packing tape, it stopped working, so I've been walking to and from work this week. The walking is decent exercise; the hill on the way to work is pretty nasty. It it weren't so hot outside I would hardly mind at all. (It's about 90—90 counts as hot now.) I've ordered new handlebars, but it looks like I'll be getting exercise every morning for a while. How awful.


Derrick Stolee said...

Are you saying it worked before you put the packing tape on? That's a simple fix: you covered the magical anti-gravity momentum sensor. Just remove the tape and apply your standard sub-particle-permeable adhesive.

Anonymous said...

How long is "a while"?

Travis said...

I dunno. A week or two-ish. That's the downside of being a Segway owner; there's not exactly a lot of dealers I can go to.

I cracked it open this morning and figured out what's wrong; there's a wire that came loose and was apparently just holding on for dear life earlier. As I don't have a soldering iron, I can't fix it, and I'm not sure I want to solder a device that keeps me alive as I'm being transported from point A to point B anyway.

joshua said...
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