Saturday, July 7, 2007

The scribbles of drunks

I write myself notes all the time. I happened to do so at a party tonight. Someone was very excited to read my secret notes, and decided to read them aloud and add some of her own. A little later, I decided to open my notes page and see what was added.

She added:
Dear Travis,
I think (guy) wants to grab your ass. Also, please rock on. The end.

He added:
Miss (girl) wants to see your yellow/blue balls!!

Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

Confusion: is this on the computer or a piece of paper that you scribble on? How did she get these "secret notes"?

They both sounds like winners...maybe you should got for them.

Travis said...

Paper. I keep a pad of paper in my backpack and business cards in my wallet for the express purpose of being able to record notes wherever I am.

[Disclaimer: ass-grabbing and colored balls were topics of conversation earlier in the evening. So, not totally out of the... blue.]

Anonymous said... punny!

Amber Bahl said...

hahah I think i remember this one.