Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One of my most common reoccurring dreams is one in which I'm caught by someone using counterfeit money. Sometimes I get in serious trouble for it, and sometimes the other person laughs and demands real money. Never is it intentional; I'm always respending money I got from another source.

I had another one this morning. I was on a road trip with an unlikely group of people, and having heard of my epic tales of riches won at Muckleshoot Casino, the driver decided we should stop at a roadside casino for a while. I decided to go cash in for chips a little bit while I was waiting, and among the bills I turned in were a ten-dollar bill that was severely offset in its printing (so it was more like a "llten dollar bi" than a "ten dollar bill"), and a thirty-eight dollar bill. The man selling me chips thought it was a funny joke (which seems like an unlikely reaction from a casino cashier) and patiently waited while I provided real cash. I was just annoyed that someone gave me $48 in fake money at some point and I had accepted it.

There's never any constancy in the setting, but there are a few constants in the climax of the dream. I'm always very embarrassed to have given someone such obviously fake money; it's never some clever counterfeit, but rather Monopoly-like obvious fakes. One of the bills is always an absurd amount that clearly isn't a real denomination, like $38 in this case—I recall trying to get change for something like a $1,647 bill once. And, the dream always starts after I've already received the fake money, and sometimes I know where it came from, and sometimes I don't.

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Anonymous said...

You're subconscience is really fucking around with you.