Monday, July 23, 2007

Like, gag me with a spoon

Oh man. If Facebook were ever cool, I don't think it is anymore. All of these people are on Facebook:

  • My manager's manager
  • My manager's manager's manager
  • My manager's manager's manager's manager (Kurt DelBene, VP) *
  • My manager's manager's manager's manager's manager's manager (Steve Ballmer, CEO) *
  • My manager's manager's manager's manager's manager's manager's manager (Bill Gates, Chairman)

All of those people, at the very least, have confirmed Microsoft email addresses. Bill's email address is actually confirmed, so it's him or an assistant. For Kurt and Steve, no email address is listed, so it could have been anyone at Microsoft. The only people in my entire management chain who aren't on Facebook are my direct manager and Jeff Raikes (between Kurt and Steve).

I kiiiiiiinda want to send Bill Gates ['s assistant] a friend request. But he's not even the richest man in the world anymore. Lame.

Update: I forgot Jeff Raikes.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the whole attraction to Facebook. But than again, I don't understand the whole Myspace thing either.

Travis said...

Facebook is a different animal than MySpace. With Facebook, I get one page I can view once a day (or, uh, more) that lists a summary of what's up with my friends. Are they traveling? Are they dating someone new? What are they doing? What are they interested in these days? What pictures have they posted recently? It's all custom to just people I know, and summarized on one page. It's pretty cool.

MySpace is... weird.