Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life takes Microsoft badges

You know what I hate? People paying cash for lunch. Basically everyone at lunch swipes their card. It takes like two seconds to pay. A few people to decide to pay with cash. They dig for it in their purses, wallets, and pockets, pulling out individual bills and dimes, and they take as long to pay as about a dozen reasonable people. It's far, far more work than just having a few bucks deducted from each paycheck to cover your lunch—money that can be withdrawn and refunded, in case you thought maybe it was somehow risky for them to do so.

It's pretty much exactly like that Visa commercial where the slow person in line holds up the entire cafeteria while he pays with cash. That commercial really hits home.


MajorLB said...

We don't have the nifty badge swipe thing, but cash is usually faster than card because of the ridiculous receipt printer. Ideally, every other person would alternate because the cash transaction can occur while the receipt prints.

Travis said...

Yeah, in a lot of places, paying with cash is faster, which makes me really sad. There are some fast food places around here that will do credit card transactions without printing a receipt, which makes me really happy. Other than the cafeteria, I almost never get fast food, so it's not really a problem for me.

Here, though, it's madness to pay with cash unless you don't work for Microsoft and you're just visiting the cafeteria as someone's guest.

MntlChaos said...

Or it's your first week in Fargo, where you don't have your badge yet.