Monday, July 23, 2007

I've become a statistic

A few weeks ago I noticed that I hadn't put any new photos up on my corkboard at work in a while, so I resolved to get some new prints made. Not long after, I got a notice from Snapfish saying that they were going to delete my old pictures since I hadn't ordered in a year. I don't care; they're stored on my PC anyway. But, I placed the order yesterday, about two days before the deletion deadline. By doing so, I prevented account deactivation, and they sent me an email thanking me for preventing them from deleting my account.

This annoys me. Not a lot; just a little bit. I'm ever-so-slightly annoyed that now I count as a statistic of one person who was persuaded by their "hey, make another order or we delete your pictures" email into buying prints. I wasn't. I swear!

Note: I think I may have blogged about this sort of thing before. Oh well.

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