Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Childlike glee

Oh man, Transformers was awesome. I went in expecting nothing, but it was great. I was filled with a sense of childlike glee almost the entire time, and I didn't even like Transformers as a kid. Even the incredibly cheesy parts like the names of the characters and how they had to, apparently, get a bunch of famous lines from the cartoons in there, bounced right off of the glee forcefield I'd developed just a few minutes in.

Definitely worth seeing in theatres.

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Anonymous said...

Most assuredly that is an awesome movie. I went with 7 other people (family) aged 8 to 61 and we all enjoyed it.

We saw it at the Cine Capri in Tempe AZ and the sound system is awesome there, as well as having a huge screen.

Recommended !!