Sunday, July 22, 2007

Better than expected

Well, now I'm confused. I've had my Zune constantly running for almost seven hours now, and its battery meter is showing it's only half done. I know I haven't gotten seven hours before. I've even been moving over and turning on the display whenever I remembered to, to simulate being picky about tracks or volume.

My best guess now is that the battery life is being hurt by the device being in my pocket on the trek to work, and jostled around a lot in the process. So, once I get the Segway back up and running, maybe everything will be okay. I guess that's nice.

Update: It's been going for ten hours now, and the charge is mostly out. I haven't had headphones plugged in; perhaps that would have been a better test. I guess they probably draw a slight amount of power. Or not... I don't know how speakers work.

Currently listening: Madonna—American Life

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Matthew Johnson said...

Ah yes, I remember getting much worse battery mileage on my iPod while running (of course, until it died and I got no mileage).