Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, I'm completely moved in, and completely unpacked. My storage room is organized and well-utilized, I've gotten all of the junk out of my bedroom, all of my furniture and decorations have arrived, and I have cooling for the summertime. I've got a new computer and a new TV to go with the new house. So... I'm basically broke now. But, in a few months, looking at bank statements will be much less terrifying.

I need to see if my ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Program) is even worth participating in now that I have loans looming. It seems almost crazy to get out of a program that essentially just gives you free cash, but I could also be using that money to directly pay off loans.

Anyway, anything new at this point qualifies as home improvement. I hereby declare my move-in complete. Hopefully the stress level will go down a bit now.

UPDATE: My ESPP benefit yields about $350 in profit quarterly assuming I sell the shares I buy at a discounted price immediately. I pay far more than $350 every three months in interest on my second mortgage... like triple that or something, which more than covers the tax benefits I get from paying mortgage interest. I'm going to withdraw from the ESPP for now and use that money to start paying off more of my second mortgage early, and see how that goes. I think it's the smarter choice.


Henry Schimke said...

I imagine it depends a lot on what you interest rate is... I mean, if you owe uncle spomey 10K at 85% compounded hourly, get that shit paid off...

nyomi said...

I never realized how much of a decorating need is satisfied from getting a new computer and a new tv :)