Monday, June 4, 2007

Seasonal affective disorder

This weather is absolutely killing me. I don't feel like doing anything. I'm constantly exhausted, and the very idea of undertaking any activity that is remotely cerebral is displeasing. I just feel depressed and bored all the time now.

It looks like the weather tomorrow should be much nicer—about twenty degrees cooler. That's my ray of hope. Maybe if it cools down and stays wonderful and cloudy, I won't feel so awful between now and next Monday when I get my heat pump installed. Having my house be not sweltering should help out a lot; the past couple summers weren't as bad when I had air conditioning.

Perhaps I have seasonal affective disorder or something similar. It's generally the other way around; people experience mild to severe depression in the winter. But, I get depressed every summer. I hate the summer. I want it to be cold again.

Currently listening: Enya—It's in the Rain
More applicable: Nelly—Hot in Herre

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