Saturday, June 9, 2007


I have several large rose bushes outside in front of my house. Louise informed me that rose bushes need to be pruned, and these had finished blooming and were beginning to look pretty sad, so I set about doing that. Well, I intended to. Every time I left my house I'd see the dying flowers, and remember that they needed to be pruned. So, I'd resolve to write myself a note as soon as I got to work.

Ha. That never happened. On the way home, it's dark, so I don't see that they need trimming. It wasn't until yesterday, after a couple weeks of daily forgetting, that I finally had the good sense to go back in the house immediately and write a note, instead of waiting until I got to work so I could forget it. I was waiting for my same-side-of-the-street neighbor so I could show him my plans for the heat pump installation on Monday, and my across-the-street neighbor showed up, and we began to chat. She also mentioned the roses, and I told her that I was going to trim them tomorrow; I just needed to Google it and see exactly what I had to do. She showed me where to trim things, and that a web search should indeed come up with better instructions.

So, this morning, I saw "prune your roses" on my to-do list, and Googled it. (Well, technically, I Live Searched it. Yeah, I'm trying that out...) I figured out what I'd do. I grabbed some scissors, hoping they'd be strong enough, and opened the front door.

They were already trimmed. I don't know what to make of it.

1) She was annoyed that I didn't trim them Friday night, so she trimmed them herself.
2) She didn't think I would ever actually do it, so she trimmed them herself.
3) She was just being nice, felt like doing a little gardening, and trimmed them for me.

Really, it's probably #3. She's a really nice lady. (She has a couple cats too, which is nice—the benefits of the occasional cat, without the care or hair.) I certainly don't mind that they were trimmed for me; I have no particular attachment to them. It's just a bit strange. Next time I see her I'll find out what's up.

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Anonymous said...

You could have always asked me. In my old place, we had about 12 rose bushes - so I am very familiar and could have shown you. Plus, I have pruning shears - I highly doubt a pair of scissors would work. When they are done blooming, I always just cut off the flower. As for pruning them back - you are going to want to do that in the fall - just after the first frost.

I think it was #3 also.

Travis said...

Yeah, it looks like the scissors wouldn't have cut it. Get it? Cut it?