Thursday, May 24, 2007

Trash queue

I didn't have trash pickup service for weeks after moving into my new place, so I built up quite a large pile of trash along the side of my house. It's down to a couple bags now, so by the end of next week, I imagine that it will all have been taken care of. It's disappearing slowly, as around here if you're a single person you get a tiny trash can and a huge recycling can, and I can fill up most of the trash can with new trash each week. Having piles of extra trash around is one of those mildly dehumanizing things like not being able to do laundry, and I'll be happy once the trash debt has been cleared.


Anonymous said...

why don't you just rent a pickup and drive the pile to the dump? that seems a lot better than having a pile of garbage next to your house!

or, even better, you could rent one of those flat trailers and tow it behind your segway ... that would be one of the funniest things ever.

Travis said...

It's just two bags now. Renting a pickup and paying to dump my boxes and styrofoam, things that I'm already paying to have picked up, didn't seem like a good value.

Towing things with the Segway is, according to the safety video, a good way to fall off the Segway and cause your neck to break and head to explode.

Unknown said...

Man, this is a perfect opportunity to pitch the new product we've been discussing at work.

It's the RSU (rectal storage unit). Its primary purpose is the secure storage of personal valuables. Its secondary purpose will only be limited to the types of attachments (we call them assets) that you can put on the RSU. One that we thought of was a tow hitch, it would be an easy way to do what "anonymous" said before.

Travis said...

"Assets"... nice.