Friday, May 4, 2007


Spider-man 3, based on my recollections of the first two...
  • Is approximately as sappy as #2
  • Is acted the worst of the three
  • Is more acrobatic than the other two
  • Has way, way too many Tobey Maguire crotch thrusts
  • Is funnier than the first two
  • Utilizes Bruce Campbell to great effect
  • Is moderately entertaining overall, though certainly missable

Closing credits: Snow Patrol—Signal Fire


Anonymous said...

Yet another movie I probably won't see at the theater. *sigh*

Unknown said...

Louise, it isn't even worthy of a home viewing.

Travis said...

Yeah, not really something to rush out and see. I was amused enough to not be angry I was there. Of course, that's not the ideal quality bar for watching movies in a theatre.