Sunday, May 20, 2007


I played several hours of World of Warcraft today, and essentially the entire rest of the day has been setting up the new computer. There's a lot of stuff to install, and a lot of data to copy.

As a person who spends an unhealthy amount of time at his computers, I've found many tools, developed many settings, and gotten into many habits that need to be duplicated every time I set up a new machine. Luckily, at home, where it matters most, this only happens once every few years.

It's not so bad that I don't have the new video card just yet after all. I've been working through Remote Desktop all day, and it's helped me focus on getting things set up, and to a lesser extent the other things around the house. If I had the new video card, I'd want to play around with it, and it would take me far longer to turn it into my primary machine. Instead, by sometime fairly early tomorrow, the new PC will be ready to take over as my main PC. I'll be able to set the old computer off to the side much sooner than I otherwise would have been able to. Then, once I figure out how I'm going to get a network cable downstairs, I can keep it near my TV, where it will continue to serve as a DVR and server. It will be nice to finally watch TV on my couch in front of my TV, as opposed to in my chair in front of my computer.

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