Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My hubby

I mostly only play World of Warcraft with my good friend Marc. I find it kind of funny that it is assumed fairly frequently that we are dating, and occasionally married, even though neither of us ever implies this, and often I say things that would certainly cast doubt upon this assumption, and Marc always refers to me as "he." Even though it happens often enough, it still startles me a bit. A couple nights ago I was doing a favor for a guy in my guild, and he replied, "Thanks a ton... if you or your hubby ever need any enchantments, just look me up." That's a pretty typical example of this type of mistake.

I guess this is just what happens when a male orc hunter and a female troll shaman team up for adventures in the World of Warcraft. Even though it is extremely common for male players to have both male and female characters as I do, the immersion is apparently deep enough that people begin to make assumptions about the personal lives of the players based on the characters they select. Or, maybe we just have some desire to understand the people we only know through a game, even if it means having to fill in a lot of details yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Wait....are you saying he isn't your hubby (Sorry - had to be a smart ass!)

I think people are honestly getting that impression because they always see the two of you on together. Either that or people are just really damn stupid. I'm pretty sure it's because people are just really damn stupid!