Sunday, May 6, 2007

Legions of Zarahemla

Want to a board game but can't think of a theme? This website does all the work for you:

Check Out My New Boardgame!

Here's an example:

Legions of Zarahemla
This is a racist DVD game made entirely of stone in which the players are voting for ninja robots who are trying to erotically massage an army of zombie alligators in order to squander the most successful empire.

That sounds like a pretty good game... Oh, okay, one more. I'm a sucker for randomly generated text.

Federation and Castles
This is an unfairly panned pure auction game for any number of players in which the players are corporate hillbillies who are trying to supply power to Nazis in order to complete the most cardboard coins.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the last one sounds hillarious. This is the one I got!

Battle of the Arabian Nights: This is an expandable dexterity game that is perfect for non-gamers in which the players are scheming and plotting woodland creatures who are trying to uncover crops in order to notarize the most ducats.