Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Homeowner's association

I attended my first homeowner's association meeting last night. For the most part it was two semi-wasted hours, but it was good to meet a bunch of the people who live in my complex, and find out what kinds of issues the other homeowners care about. I also got to propose that I be allowed to install air conditioning, which they're cool with as long as I don't do something stupid like put it out in front of my house. I also got to meet the seemingly sole person under the age of 60 in my area.

From what I could tell as we were reviewing financial statements, the previous owner of my home was very difficult to get along with, and was late on her payments. The remaining residents, however, are very friendly.

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Andy Misle said...

Ooh, the stigma of bad previous tenants. That's still something I'm trying to live down. Good luck.