Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, I got the results from my allergy tests back today—just one little part of all of that blood work that was done not too long ago that resulted in me passing out. It's the first one I've had in at least fifteen years. I was only tested for food allergies this time, or at least that's all I got back today.

My big one in the past was milk. Allergies are rated on a 0-6 scale, where 0-1 is not very allergic, and 5-6 are extremely allergic. Milk and all milk products were 6. Now milk and most dairy products are down to 3s and 4s, which is still a significant improvement. The worst one for me is whey protein, which is still a 6—I guess I won't be bulking up anytime soon. The big surprise here is egg whites, which is also a 4—it wasn't even on my list before. I used to eat a ton of eggs, but I rarely eat them now, so maybe I've lost my tolerance for them.

Anyway, for the extremely curious, here's my list of everything above 0 or 1:

Beta lactoglobulin (whey protein): 6
American cheese: 4
Egg whites: 4
Milk: 3
Cheddar cheese: 3
Bananas: 2
White beans: 2
Egg yolks: 2

Oddities include mold cheese at 0, and yogurt at 0. Also very strange is that I'm mildly allergic to a lot of fruits and some vegetables. In fact, basically all of the fruit I eat frequently is on the list at 1. Finally, wheat used to be a problem and is now down to a 1, and corn used to be my second-biggest food allergy, and it's now a zero—I'm no longer at all allergic to it.

Allergies are strange things.


Anonymous said...

They change with time. When I was younger, I didn't have many allergies. My two big allergies were a red dye which is added to a lot of things and dyes and perfumes found in laundry detergents. Now I have a whole lot of new ones along with those old ones.

I do find it interesting that they only did blood work not the poke test.

Jordan said...

Haha, this post should be renamed to "How to Kill Travis in 5 easy courses".