Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well, my washer and dryer did not arrive on Sunday as planned. The dryer was half an inch too big to fit through my bathroom door (the washer and dryer are going in the entry bathroom). I ordered a new pair, and they're set to arrive this Friday.

There's something demoralizing about not having a washer and dryer, at least for me. After a couple weeks since the last time you did laundry you're starting to get into the clothes you never wear. There's no pleasant sense of newness, and no sense that this is a shirt you've worn a hundred times and it feels like home—it's slightly weird and alien. I don't like it. Louise was gracious enough to let me toss a load of laundry in at my old apartment yesterday, so I now have things to wear this week that I actually want to wear. It's much nicer.

I also finally got my vacuum over to the new house, after finishing my cleanup at the old apartment. This was another source of constant irritation for me. It's probably been months since this place has been vacuumed, and I'm used to doing it once a week. There are specks of junk everywhere from the move-in process, and it's dusty. It's a hundred little things that really get at me and make the new place seem foreign to me.

Soon, though, it will be my only home, and all of these nitpicky things will be gone, and it will be comfortable. I've finished most of my repair-type things at this point, more curtains and hardware are on order, and I've cleared out much of the living room box pile. It's getting there. Just about all that's left for me now is to pick out a couch. Once everything arrives and I get it all installed, then the new house will look like a home, and then I will feel much, much better.

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Derrick Stolee said...

hooray for laundry! Now you can wear that bright shirt again!