Friday, April 13, 2007


Today I wore a melon and maroon-striped shirt for the first time. It is... admittedly bright. People reacted at lunch:

Eric: Wow, did it just get warmer in here? I feel like it's three or four degrees warmer just by looking at you.
Me: Are you saying I'm hot?
Matt: No, he's saying that it seems like it's warmer in here because your shirt is flaming.
Me: Haha. No, it seems like it's warmer in here 'cause I just got burned.

After lunch another of my coworkers expressed his feelings for my shirt with a hand-drawn Tablet PC instant message:

Drawing of me and my shirt

Okay, I get the picture.

Hey, that drawing makes me look like I'm twelve stories tall, made of radiation.


Anonymous said...

Can you kick people apart?

Was that a new shirt?

Travis said...

"Today I wore a melon and maroon-striped shirt for the first time."

Anonymous said...

Yep, I missed that part.

Also - that color was melon? It looked more pink to me.

Anonymous said...

My name isn't Matt, it's Dan. Credit where credit is due, punk. We don't even eat lunch with anyone named Matt, do we?

Travis said...

Yes, "Matt" up there is really my real-life coworker Dan. I almost always change or rotate names of friends in my blog to protect the innocent/guilty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought that might have been the reason, but you used Eric's real name, so I wasn't sure. Matt is my brother's name!

Travis said...

The Eric you and I know is not the person who said the line in the quote above.