Monday, April 2, 2007

My head

Whoever decided that regular homes should have chandeliers is an idiot, and I want to kick him in the balls. In a formal setting in an expensive home, high above the ground, a chandelier looks nice. But now every dining room has one, set impossibly low to the ground. This is just a terrible idea.

Cheap chandeliers that don't cost thousands and thousands of dollars look tacky and horrid.

The light is unattractive and uneven, and the lights are usually right at eye level.

People hit their heads on them because they're always installed too low. Just in the past few weeks I've hit my head on the chandelier in my new place two dozen times, and broken a few lightbulbs in the process. Sure, it will get better once I have a table beneath it, but it's still dumb.

Chandeliers are awful. Someday I'm going to get rid of the one in my new place and put in a light that isn't stupid.


Anonymous said...

I so agree. Whoever decided that your new place needed a chandelier was a complete moron. And I've hit my head a couple of times on that damn thing too!

Matthew Johnson said...

You forgot to mention the pretty colors of white paint splattered all over it!

Andy Misle said...

Generally, you put your table UNDERNEATH them and then they aren't such a problem :)