Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hot men, with convenient home delivery

I'm doing laundry finally, and it's glorious. My washer and dryer arrived yesterday evening. I've saved up four very full loads, enough that I probably could have sorted my laundry by the wavelength of the color they reflect on the color spectrum instead of just "lights and darks." (Four loads may not be much for many people, but it's basically my entire wardrobe, at least the parts that are in standard rotation.)

Before the delivery guys left yesterday, they gave me a card with an URL and a code so that I could fill out a Best Buy survey for a chance to win $10,000. The guy said that high ratings reflected well on them, and they were friendly and did a fine job installing, so I figured I'd fill it out.

So, I'm filling out a few multiple-choice questions, and then I get to this one (paraphrased):

Rate the attractiveness of the delivery crew.

This question caught me off guard. Was this a perk I was paying extra for by going through Best Buy? Other things I rated were no doubt things that affected the cost of the service, like responsiveness of the crew, and availability of customer support representatives; this one too? These guys were pretty hot. If this were, one was a 9 and one was a 10—wait; I'm stopping this paragraph before it gets out of control.

(I assume that the question was really trying to ask if their uniforms were clean and so forth.)

I suppose women are the unfair-stereotypical consumers of home appliances. And, I suppose there's no reason that pool maintenance men should have a monopoly on titillating desperate housewives. After all, not everyone can afford a pool, but everyone needs home appliances.

Maybe Home Depot only hires surly men, who would no doubt be cheaper, and they would have passed the savings on to me. Oh well, it's too late to think of these things now. I have the ability to do laundry again, and this makes me happy. My TV stand arrived, and my friend Jim and I traded help assembling stands and moving TVs last night. I have a couch arriving tomorrow, and more curtains arriving next week, and then my living room will be essentially complete.

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Anonymous said...

You are amusing me greatly...mainly because I would have misread the statement about rating the attractiveness of the delivery crew. The question was really asking if they were well kept (no long haired hippies that look like they just got back from smoking a joint), that their uniforms were clean and that they presented themselves in a professional manner (a much better way of phrasing that question!)

Luckily, I have yet to have someone fill out any of the surveys on me. And I am sure "was the employee well stacked" is not one of the questions they ask (though, might be a positive, depending on what market you are pandering to!)

Travis said...

I think that's the first time I've ever heard the word "stacked" used to describe (presumably) a male.

Anonymous said...

As I said: I have yet to have someone fill out any of the surveys on me. Last time I checked, I'm not male.

Travis said...

Oh yeah. I totally misread your comment. Everything makes complete sense now.

Matthew Johnson said...

You didn't take pictures of the delivery crew? Now we all have to imagine what they looked like!

Travis said...

You're right; that wouldn't have been weird at all.

Larry said...

Hot delivery guys? Send them my way! :)