Sunday, April 1, 2007

Giving up

After finishing my living room and dining room tonight (thanks Louise), I've decided not to paint any more rooms in my place just yet. Sometime in the next few months I'll repaint my computer room, as I can move the furniture there by myself, but I don't know when I'll ever get around to my bedroom—unfortunately I already bought the paint for both of those rooms. My furniture arrives on Wednesday, and that just doesn't leave me enough time to finish painting (and taping, and cleaning up, and other prep...). I'd rather have an all-white room than an unfinished room.

I've still got plenty of packing to do, much of which can't really happen too early, like my computer—I can't live without that.

This week's going to be intense. I'm already going to be swamped at work, and I've got to prepare to move during the first half of the week, on Wednesday my furniture is moved and I'm going to start living at the new place and visiting the old one instead of vice-versa, and the rest of the week I'll be getting settled in my new home and getting ready to accept stacks and stacks of boxes this weekend.

I'm already exhausted.


Henry Schimke said...

Yeah, we had big plans to strip the wallpaper from, and then paint, two bathrooms and the kitchen/dining room. It turned out to be really horrid, and so we only did the kitchen/dining room... at some point you start to think about paying someone ELSE to do it ;-)

Travis said...

Yeah. First of all, nobody ever sees the other rooms, so it matters less. Second of all, as long as I have more money than time, paying someone else remains an interesting possibility.