Sunday, April 29, 2007


I've spent most of today cleaning up the place. Each time I spend a day working on the place I feel like I'm "almost done," and then I find a way to spend another day cleaning up. But, I've got all of my curtains up now, so I don't have to be paranoid about being watched anymore, and the living room and dining room are all cleaned up. I've got some paintings up on the wall, and another nice piece of art being framed. My last piece of furniture arrives next Saturday.

It's all coming together. I hope to not pin another curtain for as long as I live. And, I don't know how many more weekends I can lose before I go insane. I need weekends to unwind, and that's not happening, so the stress level is building...

I'm also accumulating a formidable pile of trash outside. I still don't have trash pickup service or a trash can yet, so I just have a heap next to my stuffed recycle bin. Luckily, there is one side of my place that you can only see from an abandoned parking lot, so it all goes there.

Currently listening: Enya—Athair Ar Neamh

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