Sunday, March 11, 2007


Every time I've had a hearing test (which, admittedly, has been quite some time now), I've come out with a perfect score. (I always ask the tester afterward.) But I don't think that my hearing is actually perfect at all; I think that the test must just be very limited. I think that I'm pretty awful at understanding people in crowded areas, like restaurants and cafeterias. I find myself asking "what?" far more than anyone else around me. Now, it's possible that other people have the same problem but aren't actually paying attention so they don't care enough to ask for a repeat. If I'm talking with you, I'm paying attention to you. I know that's not true for everyone.

I'm not sure exactly what my problem is. I do have significant troubles picking peoples' voices out from other voices. But I don't seem to have any problems hearing faint instruments, rhythms, or other musical constructs from a complex piece. And, my overall hearing is just fine; it's not like I need people to raise their voices when they're around me.

It's got to be more of a software (comprehension) problem, not a hardware (ear) problem.


Anonymous said...

That is way too funny! I feel like I am constantly saying "What did you say?" every time we get together. I find that you tend to speak a bit too quietly at times.

Seriously, I think the problem is probably just comprehending others. Let's face it - a lot of us mumble or slur our words together. Different regions have different ways of talking...and different speeds.

Unknown said...

- Can't hear voices
- Can't taste garlic

Wow, what will be the next entry on the "reasons Travis is a gimp" list?


Travis said...

Yeah, I do have an unfortunate tendency to speak too quietly.

Matthew Johnson said...

I definitely agree that people just don't speak clearly enough. It's a wonder we can comprehend each other at all. Consider that the phrase "did you hear what I said" usually sounds something like "Dijuearwhudised" with minimal separation between words.