Sunday, March 25, 2007

A solution

Once I start flossing or brushing my teeth, I have a very strong tendency to start wandering around my apartment, and suddenly I think of a dozen things that I need to do. It's as if the very act of coating my teeth in disgusting foam kicks my brain into high gear, finally remembering things lost forgotten.

The solution, then, to my problems with memory, is of course to just be constantly brushing my teeth. I could be like my aunt, whose dentist told her to stop brushing so much because she was wearing away her enamel. I'd have even more painfully sensitive teeth, and a glass of cold water would become even more of a terror-inducing thing, but on the bright side my breath would always be fresh, and I wouldn't be forgetting important things anymore.

UPDATE: Quite ironically, I posted about this tendency over two years ago, though not about my state of heightened memory effectiveness when there is a toothbrush in my mouth. Clearly I should have started posting before rinsing, and then I'd have remembered and deleted my post.


Anonymous said...

recycling your posting topics eh?

Travis said...

Oh no, did I? That's kind of deliciously ironic. I guess I should have posted before rinsing out my mouth.