Thursday, March 22, 2007


The new place is coming along slowly. So far only a couple walls in the living room are painted, but they look great. I'm painting the living room a rich, dark green. I'll post some pictures once I have everything figured out and finished.

It's surprising to me how long it took to paint those couple walls. The walls are... complicated... with all their windows and nonremovable gadgets.

An electrician is coming tomorrow to replace all of the outlets in my kitchen and bathrooms with GFCI outlets—the ones with the two buttons in the middle. They're a safety feature that protects you from water-based electrocution. I figure if I'm going to accidentally kill myself, it should be for something less stupid than using a wet hair dryer.

Back at my current place, I'm packing stuff up. I have maybe 20 boxes packed up right now. There's not much else that I want to pack at the moment... I still have to live here for a while until the new place is painted, has internet access, and my big furniture like my bed is moved there. Perhaps I could pack up that blender that I've never used, though...

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Andy Misle said...

Are you doing the painting yourself?

Travis said...

Matt and I painted on Sunday. I'm probably going to go paint more tomorrow evening, and Louise may go tomorrow too. I'm not hiring pros.