Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The name is misleading

My agent dropped off my resale certificate today. Essentially, this is a booklet containing the rules and regulations for the housing organization I'll be joining, as well as budget statements, the history of my place, and the like. Essentially, once I accept the document, I'm finished making decisions. I'll no longer have any "outs" that would let me back out of the purchase without paying a lot of money or being sued. It's kind of the point of no return.

In this particular case, the point of no return is about 150 pages long. I need to read through it and make absolutely sure that it's a place I'm going to want to move into. After accepting the certificate, the final steps in the process should just kind of roll along without too much more effort on my part. Lots of money will change hands, I'll sign more papers, and suddenly I'll start worrying about paint colors and moving boxes instead of legal documents, and I think that that will be a nice change.

They call it a certificate, but it's about a hundred and fifty pages. When I think "certificate," I think of a single page of paper with a decorative border and the word "hereby." I don't think of a chunk of paper thick enough to leave a bruise.

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