Friday, March 2, 2007

A hallway you can sleep in

Today I constructed a rough floor plan of the place I'm hoping to move into in about three weeks. Now I finally have actual numerical dimensions for the strangely-shaped master bedroom:

It's 23 feet by 8 feet.

In one direction, it's one of the biggest bedrooms I've ever seen. In the other, it's one of the smallest. It's just odd. A friend remarked that it's more of a hallway that you can sleep in. Eight feet is just barely enough room to fit my bed. (The place was clearly not designed for a king-size bed.) Since there are heating vents on both sides of the room, my current plan is to place the bed parallel to one of the short walls, a couple feet from the wall. It will look weird, but functionally it will be fine.

The den area is a little small too. I'll probably end up using my current computer sound system as my main living room TV sound system, and then getting something new and smaller for my PC. Since I'll no longer be using my computer as the sole source of entertainment for the home, it's not really necessary to have such a nice sound system for it, I suppose.

The living room will be nice. I haven't really had a living room since moving out here. I'm excited about moving. My closing date is set for three weeks from today. That seems both like a very long time away, and also like it's almost here.

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