Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Down to the... wire

I'm going to be really cutting it close with my finances for the new place. I had essentially my entire down payment on the place in stock as of Monday morning. Here's my timeline:
  • Last Friday evening—I place an order to liquidate all of my stock.
  • Monday 10:00—My order is executed. I now I have >$30,000 sitting in my Fidelity account. Ready to go, right? Ha. Yeah, that's what I thought.
  • Monday—My funds are an "unsettled trade" and can't be withdrawn yet.
  • Tuesday—My funds are still an unsettled trade. I begin to get nervous.
  • Wednesday 1:00—My funds are still an unsettled trade. Today I had my signing appointment with my escrow officer. I don't have the money yet. She gives me bank wiring instructions and says that they need the cash by tomorrow ASAP. Eeek.
  • Thursday 10:00—Fidelity says my transaction will be finalized and the funds will be available for withdrawal.
  • Thursday noon—This is the deadline for when Fidelity can make a same-day wire transfer of the money.
  • Thursday afternoon—If the escrow company doesn't have my money by then, I can't buy the home. I get chills just thinking of all of the extra documents and fees and time that would be required to correct for that. The seller can probably back out at this point too if she is so inclined.
  • Friday—Closing day. I get the keys. The place is mine! Or, if things didn't go so well, I weep uncontrollably.
Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!

Andy Misle said...

Whoa, good luck! I miss the days when my people used to control the banks... ;)

D Wheezy said...

That sounds horrible. Good luck man.

At least PayPal isn't involved. Although by the sound of it, that may be preferable.

Travis said...

Success! Thanks for the comments. Blog comments: the new goat sacrifices.