Thursday, March 29, 2007

The day that everything broke

A qualified electrician came over to my place and replaced the new electrical outlets that I just had installed, which he said were wired incorrectly. He investigated the popping lightbulbs, and the fact that turning on the bathroom fan dims all of the downstairs lights, and discovered that the bathroom was wired for 240W power.

Now things over there are looking much better, and I got the thermostat working now after dismantling the thing to paint the wall, so it's not 51 degrees in there anymore. But yesterday was still kind of depressing.

1. Two more lightbulbs broke in a span of about 45 seconds at the new place. I don't know yet if it's just an effect of damage they received earlier, but the timing is suspicious. The electrician is coming back to run some more tests and find out what the hell that first person did. Now I'm wary of plugging anything into the walls.

2. The display on my portable music player stopped working. Apparently the LCD is fine, but the connection is screwed up; it doesn't even work when plugged into an external display. This makes it particularly challenging to pick what I want to listen to. I guess I'll need to sync just a couple playlists, and remember what order they come in alphabetically.

3. Then, finally, after working frantically all day to meet a deadline, and then skipping dinner and heading over to the new place to get as much painting done as I could, I returned home to no internet connection. The cable went out in my apartment.



Derrick Stolee said...

2: Congratulations! You've just won an iPod Shuffle!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully playing board games tonight will cheer you up.