Thursday, February 1, 2007


To make fun of the French, you add "les" ("LAY") to everything you say, perhaps snort and laugh nasally, or say "ooh-la-la." Perhaps you limpen your wrist to further the image.

To make fun of the British, you act stuck-up and bring out your best fake British accent. Come on; everyone's got one.

To make fun of the Japanese, you change the letter "L" to "R," say "ohhhhhhh" a lot, and speak quickly with broken grammar.

We're not very good at making fun of Mexicans; usually we just name menu items at Taco Bell.

How do you make fun of Americans?

It probably differs a lot depending on where you are. The Spanish, for example, probably have a very different way of making fun of the French. I'm thinking that typical American jokes involve a hick accent and pretending to be stupid. This was probably the case even before our current president. Anybody know?

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Swid said...

In 2000, at the start of my first trip to Europe, I was going through customs/immigration control at Heathrow. One of the officers asked me where we were going next; I answered "Belgium". He looked at me and said with a smirk, "Now, why would you go to Belgium?" At this point, he got the attention of another officer and said, "Hey, kid, name me one famous Belgian." By this point, I could see where this was going and answered, "There aren't any!", which made both of them laugh uproariously.

Sadly, I didn't know until years later that there is a very good reason to go to Belgium.

Anonymous said...

To make fun of Americans, I usually just spew Republican talking points and Neo-Con rhetoric, while ignorantly panning the rest of the world cultures. A nice faux Texas accent helps.

Andy Misle said...