Monday, February 5, 2007


I spent Saturday helping a couple of friends move. At the very least, I know one person two people who just moved, one couple who is actively moving right now, and another who is getting ready to move. I'm not quite to the point where I'd say I'm "getting ready to move," but I'm getting ready to get ready to move, I suppose. Anyway, after coming back from the moving adventure, I walked around my apartment for a few minutes.

I don't think moving will be that big of a deal for me. I expect it to be relatively painless as moves go, and I tend to overestimate the badness of just about everything. I've kept much of my things in my original moving boxes, and I threw or gave away massive piles of things I never thought I'd want again when I first moved out here. (Another few boxes are books that I was going to donate more than two and a half years ago and forgot about; oops.)

Since I don't plan on moving very far, I can move a lot of things without having to repack them; they'll just require a little extra care when moving. I'm going to have movers come and move the furniture, and the only things that look like they're going to be much of a hassle at all are my racks and racks and shelves of CDs and DVDs, and the stuff in my kitchen. I'm still going to take a week or two off work to get things done, but now I'm beginning to think that the packing and moving process is actually going to be very easy for me compared to actually selecting a place to live and paying for it.

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Anonymous said...

Your lucky. I underestimated what I had to get done. *sigh*

Travis said...

No, I think I'm going to be lucky. Important difference. :)