Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moist and dry

This morning I put in my contacts and realized that I had had an eye appointment weeks ago but hadn't received my contact lenses yet. I was completely out. So, I went to the main office, and sure enough, there they were. I took them back to my apartment, and then took out my old left contact, and put in one of the new ones. Ahhh, much better. I did the same for my right eye... except I forgot to take the old one out. I ended up with two well-stuck-together contacts in my right eye, which was clearly uncomfortable, so I took them out and fixed the problem.

I think I threw away the wrong contact. My left eye is moist and happy, and my right eye is dry and uncomfortable. I've had my new contacts for a few hours, and I've already ruined one.


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Matthew Johnson said...

I did almost the same thing once, except I put in new contacts one morning, forgot to throw the other pair away, and then when I was half-asleep at night I just opened up the case, sprayed some solution in each side, and dropped the new lenses in on top of the old ones. Then I woke up, put the stuck-together lenses in, and groggily stumbled to class. At this point I realized that I could barely see and that my contacts were still horribly uncomfortable, so I endured the entire class and rushed back to take them out and find out what was wrong. Oooooooopsies!