Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I just had an awkward moment with my manager's manager. We were having a 1-on-1 meeting, and it was looking like it was going to end about 10-15 minutes early since we were running out of things to discuss. He asked, "Anything else you'd like to talk about? This is your time—your time to let me know how things are going." I said I didn't have anything else I needed to talk about, and he replied "Well, I guess no news can be good news" and started to leave. In reply, I got a goofy grin on my face, gave a thumbs-up, and said in a stupid voice, "Good managin'!" He gave me an odd glare and left. I knew right as I was starting that ridiculousness that it was stupid and I shouldn't do it, but it was too late to stop myself.

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clay said...

For some reason, I read "Pandora" as "Pantera" and was confused by the drastic shift in your music style.

Anonymous said...