Thursday, February 22, 2007

Choosing a home

As far as I can think of right now, there are a few reasons one might go touring homes with a real estate agent.
  • Having never done it before, you want to get a feel of what it's like to go house-shopping.
  • You want to see how nice of a place a certain amount of money gets you in a particular market.
  • Your real estate agent is hot and you're just making an excuse.
  • You've turned to a life of crime, and are casing the location for later theft.

But none of those things describe me. By the process of elimination and sweeping generalizations, there's only one reason for me to do it:

Because I'm actually seriously planning on buying a home. From the outside, it probably seems like I'm going insane or something. Why does he keep posting the same thing about being excited and anxious about moving? Maybe I am insane. It's still hard for me to believe exactly what's about to happen. I'm basically getting married. Whichever place I pick, I'm stuck with it. Sure, I can divorce it and move out if I just can't make things work, but it's messy and drawn out. The big difference is that I'm getting married in a matter of days or weeks, and I haven't even met my bride yet.

This weekend, I'm going to fall in love. Or, at least, I hope to.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck.

Actually, I think it is perfectly reasonable to constantly post about looking into places and the move. It's a major decision...and a very life changing one (you're not too far off with comparing it to getting married...but really with less commitment)

Andy Misle said...

You don't sound crazy to me. I went through the same thing on a more minor level trying to find a rental home up here after knowing I would have to give up living in the family "homestead" where I'd been for pretty much all of the past 24 years.

Good luck, and remember it's a buyer's market right now. You should get much of everything you want, and if you're not, then you should hold out until you do. An extra month's rent on your current place is insignificant compared to your future satisfaction and the amount of money you'll be spending to get it :)

Larry said...

None of those reasons applied to the last house tour I went on, just a month ago. The house in question had belonged to my grandparents from 1962 to 1999, and the younger couple to whom they had sold it for $270K now wants $619K for it!

I had seen some pictures in the listing on the realtor's web site, showing that this couple had gone absolutely ape-shit with some pretty questionable modifications to the house. I lost track of all the walls that had been knocked out or moved since my grandparents had moved out of there. These people also took what had been the attic and created a giant third-floor "master suite" out of it, meanwhile completely ignoring parts of the lower floors.

There's no way in hell they'll get $619K for it -- a comparable house in the same neighborhood only went for $425K last year. Consider also that this is in the hometown of Ford Motor Company, which is downsizing the hell out of its high-paid white-collar workforce; they'll never find a buyer with that kind of money. I know, it's not my problem at all, but that won't stop me from commenting on their idiocy anyway. ;-)