Thursday, January 4, 2007

Preferential treatment

I wonder if there's some law preventing there from being private hospitals that only cater to the wealthy, turning away patients who could not afford membership. I assume that there is.


Anonymous said...

I'm a elitist snob and all, but I even have to wonder: why would you even wonder about this?

Travis said...

I thought of this as I was recalling someone telling me in the past that Costco, despite being a members-only store, was required by law to sell alcohol and prescription drugs to everyone, including non-members.

Steven said...

I'm guessing there is such a law, but a way around it. All they would have to do is charge such an excessive amount that the hospital would either not fall into any of the 'approved' hospitals on medical policies sold to commoners or if it is approved, everything exceeds the costs the medical plan would pay leaving the client eating most of the bill anyway.

Can't a hosiptal turn someone away if they do not have enough medical insurance or a means to pay.