Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A pleasant development

I had an eye appointment this morning, and for the first time I can recall since getting glasses soon after turning 6, my eyes haven't gotten worse since my last checkup a year ago. This makes me happy; "continually getting worse year after year" is not something that I really want to be applicable to any aspect of myself. It also makes me happy because it means that Lasik or similar surgery is now a possible option in the near future; you generally can't get it done until your vision stabilizes, from what I can tell. I'm incredibly uncomfortable with the prospect of surgery on my eyes, but I'm still really intrigued, and it may become a reality in a year or two.

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Anonymous said...

Every eye appointment makes me a little more excited at the prospect of having Lasik. My eyes have been stabilized for 2-3 years but I have the added wait of turning 21 before my optometrist will recommend surgery. Having to wait though gets rid of some of the worry because you're so focused on wanting it.