Friday, January 19, 2007

On Jack, and whether or not one can truly know him

A favorite game series of mine of years past is You Don't Know Jack. It's a trivia game, but it's a damned good series of trivia games.

A welcomed addition to my daily routine (list of conscious and accepted distractions) is the Daily DisOrDat. DisOrDat is one of the question types that used to be in the YDKJ game series, where you are shown seven things and must categorize them. It's about one minute out of your day, and it's a fun one.

Anyway, try it: Daily DisOrDat. (Or, one of my favorite episodes. Very amusing.)


Andy Misle said...

Holy crap, it's still around! I miss YDKJ dearly.

But they haven't updated the CD-ROM games, right? So are they trying to bring the whole game to Flash, or what?

Travis said...

There's a new, small volume 6 CD out, and they've updated all of the previous ones except 5 to work well on Windows XP. (5 included an online play component run by a company that is no longer around, and they didn't want to re-release a crippled version of the game.)

I don't know what they're doing now. It seems that they're using the game as a promotion to get companies to hire them as consultants. I don't really get it. They should just go back to making trivia games.