Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My memory isn't so good, and I tend to remember parts of recent events, but not all of the details. Often I'll leave the house, and not remember at all locking the door just a couple minutes prior, even though I'll vividly remember other details of my preparation to leave the apartment. I'd go back, and always find the door locked. 100%. I never forgot the things that I thought I forgot. I think about similar things... leaving lights on when I leave for work, or forgetting to lock my car back when I owned a car, or forgetting to flush the toilet. I used to go back and check these things, and I never actually forgot them; I just forgot that I did indeed do them. Now I have to make a conscious effort to not second-guess myself, and just assume that I did things correctly. I fret about it for a minute, and then I just put it out of my mind. Not once has this failed me.


Anonymous said...

That happens to a lot of us. We do the motions so often that we can't remember if we did them at all, because they become second nature. Or at least with locking the front door and remembering to shut off the lights. As for not remembering if you flushed the toilet...that I think is specific to you. I have never asked myself, "Did I just flush the toilet?"

Travis said...

It's the same thing. All of these things become so ingrained that you don't remember actually doing them. I can never remember flushing a toilet or urinal, or washing my hands, or locking the front door, or locking the car, but I know that I did them, because I always do them.

Anonymous said...

My biggest one is "Did I shut off the stove." I often imagine driving up to my place and finding a ton of fire trucks in the parking lot. The fear itself isn't so bad, but with an overactive imagination it makes it much worse!