Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Sometimes procrastination pays off. For a solid week now I've had the following on my to-do list: "Find out when your lease actually ends." Each day I move it to the next day's list. And then, just now, I came home from work to find a piece of paper with exactly the information I was looking for.

My apartment lease ends at the end of March. And, the letter goes on to say that they're not going to let me renew my contract; this is it. They're remodeling the apartments in my area, and everyone's gotta go. I can stay for a few more months at my current rate as a month-to-month rate (that's a much better deal than I was offered last year; the monthly rate was about $350 more than the nine-month lease I signed) and then I'm out of here. So, "eviction" isn't really the most appropriate word, but it made a good post title, at least.

So, it's a good thing that I'm planning on moving out around then anyway. And a good thing I didn't waste time actually looking up my lease information myself, am I right? Maybe they're reading my sticky notes.


Anonymous said...

that last line reminds me of a really creepy Sharon Stone movie.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Travis. I recommend that you become a hobo. You can use one of the refridgerator boxes that they'll undoubtedly use for the remodeling. Or you could find another apartment or condo. You know, whatever works. :)

Matthew Johnson said...

Or, you could live at work! I'm sure there are way too many people at MS who do just that.