Friday, January 12, 2007

Currently playing

I've seen a lot of blogs in the past that would have a little thing on each post that would show what the author was currently reading, watching, or listening to. Maybe I'll do that for music. I'd only want to do it if I could primarily post links to whole songs, not annoying 30-second clips like the automated services that do this give you. That's a bit of effort, so I don't know if I'll keep doing it or not, and whenever I've got a new batch of CDs, it will mostly just be tracks from them. But, maybe I'll try it for a while... if I remember...

This post and the one before it:

Listening to: Madonna—What it Feels Like for a Girl


Anonymous said...

I know Live Journal allows you to put in the music you are "currently playing." I never use it. Whole thing seems rather silly to me. I personally really don't care what another person is listening to.

I think your posts about your latest CD's and your thoughts on them are much more useful.

Travis said...

The only thing that this would have that the posts about entire CDs wouldn't is that it allows me to advertise older music that I'm listening to as well.