Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cheap pens

I've decided over the past few years that I really like cheap Bic pens... the ones that are like fifteen cents apiece. They write well, they feel nice in the hand, and they last forever.

Sure, some of the fancy pens with liquid black ink look better on paper, but I generally use paper as a place for quick notes that I won't care about in a couple days anyway, not for lasting documents. And, those pens always seem to dry up quickly, and start getting scratchy even before then. Plus, you can buy a whole pack of cheap Bic pens for the same price as one of those.

The metal ball-point pens aren't bad, and they look nice, but it can be fatiguing to hold one in your hand for long periods of time. Plus, you can't bend metal pens, which is always fun, and when you intertwine the pen between your fingers and then suddenly let go, catapulting the pen toward the wall, you won't break something with a lightweight plastic pen.

Several years ago I stopped liking to write with pencil—that was roughly the time that I started keeping track of pretty much everything on the computer. When you don't need to erase or shade, I really see no reason to deal with a pencil that needs to be sharpened or have lead added to it, especially since it doesn't look nearly as clear as something written with a pen.

Bic medium black ball-point pens for me, thanks. I've been using a single one at home every day for like a year now. They must base their business model on pens getting constantly lost, because fifteen cents over the course of a full year really doesn't sound like enough money to be worth their while.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the gel pens. I only use a specific brand. Unfortunately, it looks like they discontinued it. As for the Bic cheapies, I've always hated them. But they are fun to fling at drop ceilings and for bending them.